Friday, December 11, 2009

gay music

my friend said jason mraz's music is so "gay". i agreed. it does send out happy vibes.

10 times

i have decided to listen at least 10 times to all the albums that i bought from now on.


i have grown to love the colour of olive. o lovely :D

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Major Zombie Flies @NYCC (NY Comic Con) 2009

One of the best thing that happened to me during my 3 days hangout at the con was a compliment I got from Jim Mahfood. I was at his booth, about to make a purchase of his awesome new book entitled "Carl The  Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches", Jim asked me where did I get my T-shirt. He thinks its pretty cool. Man, I was wearing my Major Zombie: Fly T and I was totally flying that day :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is my first ever Chinese New Year spend in Singapore. Here are pictures of the famous China Town (Guu Chia Zhui) during the eve of CNY. Loaded with people on a last minute shopping spree and also tourists. A lot of China natives who don't get to go home were having big meals for lunch with fellow worker friends. I was walking around gathering CNY mood.

• Behind me is "Fu Ya" temple, a new temple in China Town which (get this) my nephew Wong Kek Wei(a.k.a Ah Siang) is the civil engineer! I knew he has been working on it for years and I am so proud to finally see gigantic structure myself.

• My favourite Singaporean dish, Hokkien Fried Noodle. This particular one at China Town Complex is really good. Highly recommended! (Take note: Add an extra S$0.50 during the eve of CNY but it's worth it hahahah...)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Adventure in Singapore

My new home at Serangoon Center, a very convenient neighbourhood

View from the flat

The entrance

My room looking out

My room

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hanoi (Vietnam pt1)

Date of Visit: 18 - 26 Oct 2008

Touched down Hanoi, already people trying to rip us off so we decided to take a public bus. Its a blessing in disguise as we had an out of city tour before we reached Hanoi's Old Quarter

Our first meal. Sticky rice and meat. Don't know its name but it's not cheap though, about RM6

The very cool auntie who make very nice "Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun" type of food

Honoians will do anything on their bike. Here, buying toys for their kids

Stuffed animals

The road near Hoan Kiem Lake

Very long night market which happens from Friday till Sunday

The dessert looks yummy but since its our first night, we couldn't take the risk of having food poisoning. Didn't try

People walking only from one direction on the night market. One lane go and one lane back. So unlike the way they ride their bikes

The very cheap(RM0.75 per glass) but very smooth bia hoi (means draught beer in Viet)

This is the cross road where we had our bia hoi

Motorbike "taxie" which could carry 3 passengers

Apart from ripping off tourists, the locals love excercise

The Korean community Catholic church. The building seems very much Chinese influenced

One of the very old Catholic church in Hanoi

Roadside cafe where the coffee is excellent

Roadside cafe

Roadside cafe

Apart from the excellent coffee, the ice-blended custard apple is good too

Unfortunately the excellent coffee came in very small cup, too small

Students coming out of the church

Cool dudes having their coffee

Cigarettes sellers

Another delicious find (thanks to Chow Shevy's guidebook), a tomatoe soup flat noodle

Hit the street again as we are going to take the night train to Sapa

Street view

Check out the tagline, "For women who use computers", you know its talking to you